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Sullivan and Moxon restocked, finally. Irving update for 2015 will be available here soon!

Moxon now available

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After a little break, its time to keep things rolling.

As a few of you know, I am now a furniture maker. Thats why things have been a little quiet lately. The last few weeks I’ve found a bit of shop time to finish this thing up.

Moxon. A little smaller, a little lighter, with a shape to really take advantage of the reversible halves. Each yoyo is packaged in the board it was cut from. Also new, a new finish I’ve been working on for months makes this one as nice to hold as it is to throw.

Get woodworking week free yoyo plan.

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If you had asked me years ago if I thought that woodworking would be my main focus, I would likely have said “no way”. I got into making wooden yoyos as a somewhat solitary pursuit. There were some designs and methods of construction in my head, and woodworking was simply a way for me to realize those ideas.

I made a yoyo and loved it.

Woodworking has become my passion. I have built up a pretty great shop, and am capable of building almost anything. It feels great to know that.

This is a project inspired by the annual “get woodworking week” event put on by check out a lot of other great content there.

I want to put out these plans to encourage you to build something for yourself, and see where it takes you.

This plan doesn’t require a lot of tools, a large shop space, or experience. Download the plan, and get woodworking (and remember that you aren’t building a piano). Find it on the front page of my store. Follow the link for an easy, free download, or any of my paid options to help support my work. Either way, thank you, and enjoy!

Play wood, playtmbr.


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Tandem is a dual spike toy, inspired by the kendama. It represents a new direction of work for me that has brought new inspiration and new challenges. The rounded rectangle form allowed me to step away from my lathe to learn some new woodworking techniques. The same wood threads that are used on my yoyos allow the spikes on Tandem to be removed and exchanged. I have plans to make a variety of spikes in different shapes, sizes, and wood species.



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A bold statement. With a smaller diameter than previous offerings, a rounded profile, and small interior step, BALDWIN is perfect for stalls and regenerations. The most dramatic addition is the inlaid Dado Caps, which give a visual indication of spin speed for stalls.


Maple body, Walnut Dado Cap

Walnut axle

54 grams*

1 3/8 inch width

2 1/8 inch diameter

Peace, love, and wood.



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Someone mentioned this one as a challenge a long time ago. I finally got around to filing it. HARD WOOD!


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New MULTI/ply laminate yoyos in stock and shipping!

Axle Kit Now Available.

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Switch it up. Four axles. Birch. Oak. Cherry. Walnut. Envelope included.


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After many long hours, and a huge pile of wrecked hardware and scrapped wood, the FREMONT is finished. It’s a more classic shape. Same dimpled response as IRVING, but it comes apart. I know it’s not really that exciting of a change, but it took a lot of effort to make this one happen. TMBR goodness.

HARDwood 1

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HARDwood 1