Get woodworking week free yoyo plan.

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If you had asked me years ago if I thought that woodworking would be my main focus, I would likely have said “no way”. I got into making wooden yoyos as a somewhat solitary pursuit. There were some designs and methods of construction in my head, and woodworking was simply a way for me to realize those ideas.

I made a yoyo and loved it.

Woodworking has become my passion. I have built up a pretty great shop, and am capable of building almost anything. It feels great to know that.

This is a project inspired by the annual “get woodworking week” event put on by check out a lot of other great content there.

I want to put out these plans to encourage you to build something for yourself, and see where it takes you.

This plan doesn’t require a lot of tools, a large shop space, or experience. Download the plan, and get woodworking (and remember that you aren’t building a piano). Find it on the front page of my store. Follow the link for an easy, free download, or any of my paid options to help support my work. Either way, thank you, and enjoy!

Play wood, playtmbr.

2 Responses to “Get woodworking week free yoyo plan.”

  1. Joey says:

    Is there any chance to see a video of you at work making a yo-yo? I’m head over heels for wooden yo-yo’s.

  2. Lou says:

    Like you I started out in woodworking almost by chance. My wife surprised me one year at Christmas with a 5-tool machine. I had no formal or informal experience with power tools, other than a corded power drill, up to that time. It was learn on the job! That was over 40 years ago ,and I’m still learning, and love every minute of it. Now I have a dedicated Shop with all the goodies accumulated over the years. Good for you , teaching others !

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